I’m broken and worn out and I can’t keep doing this. But I can’t make myself give up on you. Something’s got me hanging onto nothing.



I did the “take what you need” thing but did it with filling a notecard with encouraging words. In addition to these 17 “from me”, I’m going to have 17 more “from god” with scripture and such. I hope he likes it and I hope it helps.

I sent a very long letter today regarding strength. I gave official definitions as well as inspirational quotes. I love this idea, and whenever I do stuff like that I think the same thing: “I hope she likes it and I hope it helps”.

FOR ANON. these were the cards.

Anonymous asked: would you be able to post pictures of those 17 cards that you wrote to yourself?? please

You’re talking about the motivational notecards? I can post the one I already posted but that’s the best I can do. They were actually for my friend at boot camp and I already send them to him. So I no longer have them.

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